A sparkling selection of chamber music repertoire

featuring two flutes, piano and a splash of cello


Tonic Ensemble aim to discover new flavours and approaches to chamber music performance, with just a little garnish of humour.

With an infusion of zesty Flute and Piano repertoire, mixed with the deliciousness and zing of carefully crafted cocktails, Tonic Ensemble have created the perfectly balanced experience that marries musical context to refreshing drink flavours. A perfectly proportioned harmonious relationship allows the fusion of musical melodies and beautiful botanicals to form and create an overwhelming symbiotic mixture that is a sensory experience to be consumed by the audience.

 Tonic Ensemble is the culmination of over a decade of collaboration between four established musicians. Like the perfect blended cocktail, each musician brings their own elements and flavour. While individually stunning and exquisite, the combination of the ingredients will surprise and delight. 

With a lot of spice and a little twist, Tonic Ensemble invites you to experience how they do music best. This program is presented as a bespoke menu of music, accompanying cocktails and conversation, as they launch on to the Sydney music scene.